How To Play Street Fighter Online, Or The Ballad Of The Bitch-Ass Ho

Successfully competing in online Street Fighter tournaments takes nerves of steel, lightning-quick reflexes, and the ability to spew a constant stream of profanity for over two minutes. Warning: This clip features some very strong language.

If ever a video clip needed to be set to music, this is it. Appearing on YouTube under the title "[MilkyWay] Chun Li vs [Snickers] Sagat (EVO HOME FINALS)," it depicts one man's struggles against the cheating bitch-ass hos that life has set in his path. The way he selflessly invites them to eat that brings a tear to my eye.


I swear at one point he starts remixing his own profanity on the fly, while playing Street Fighter. Now that's talent.

It's an older vid, sure, but that doesn't make it any less glorious.

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