How to Pick a Name for a F2P MMO

At Games Convention Online in Leipzig, Germany, Gamigo announced "Project S," the working title of a fantasy, free-to-play MMO. They're taking suggestions for a real name, and a handy name generator provides many.

Neoseeker noted that this game looks like YAMFRIES - Yet Another MMO Featuring Rangers, Imps, Elves and Sorcerers - so its title should reflect just how cookie-cutter generic its teaser trailer makes it out to be. And to that end, they've provided three columns of words - pick one from each, maybe throw in a colon after the first if it makes sense, and there you go.


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3

Dragon Knight Online

Elf Castle Realms

Legend of Sword Empire

Dark Treasure Quest

Nightmare Adventure Worlds

Epic Forever Kingdom

Warrior Dungeon Wars

Tales of Victory Island

Death Voyages Craft

Then, having created your name, you may email it to Gamigo, where you'll be eligible to win €1,000 worth of credits to apply to your character in the game.

I chose "Warrior: Dungeon Realms." Anybody else got a better idea?

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