Back in 2013, Kotaku introduced a spectacular cosplay of StarCraft’s Kerrigan. This week, cosplayer Tasha shows how the costume was done.

As pointed out by tipster Sang, Tasha recently documented the whole thing on her blog. It took four days to do the body alone and then another seven hours for makeup and to get in the costume. Once the outfit was on, another nine hours was needed for the photo shoot.

Tasha and her Spiral Cats cosplay team really outdid themselves with this outfit. Even years later, after first seeing her dressed as Kerrigan, the costume remains impressive. Seeing how they put the outfit together is fascinating.

The photos below shed light on how the costume was created and can perhaps provide tips to do-it-yourself types. But if that’s not enough, maybe you want to know what’s step one? Easy. Have talent.


All photos: Spiral Cats/Tasha

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