How To Kick A Baby's Ass

Hey, new dads and mums out there. I know, babies can be rough with you. But you're a grown man or woman. Get a grip. You don't need to be taking no crap from no baby.


This handy instructional video will show you how to seize back the imitative.

Both me and Fahey can vouch for wind. It really is our secret weapon against the might of babies.

HOW TO FIGHT A BABY [YouTube, via Laughing Squid]

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I am so glad I'm not the only one who roughhouses with their child. I've been throwing my boy around since about 6 months, and he has always loved it! There's this myth that goes around that we need to be absolutely gentle with babies and shelter them from pain. That's far from the truth. Sure, we need to be gentle at the right times, but babies are sponges and are sucking in so much new information all-day long. Some times they just want to be silly and have fun.

You'll notice the most fun and entertaining babies are the ones where the parent allows them to be adventurous. Let your kid climb on things and fall off. Let them run into things. Let them faceplant. It's all in fun, and sure, they might get hurt here and there, but they just keep at it.

After watching this article, I turned to my 2.5-year-old and asked him, "Buddy, do you want to be powerbombed right now?" He laughed and said, "YES!" So I did that before writing this post.