How To Hack Kinect

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You've seen the kind of cool stuff people can get up to when they hack their Kinect. Now you can too, with this simple rather complex guide.


Adafruit, the team behind the recent "bounty" on hacking Microsoft's new motion-sensing peripheral, have posted an in-depth and incredibly technical guide on how to get the camera doing your bidding rather than Microsoft's.

Be warned when we say it's technical: this is not the kind of thing your average person, comfortable with a console dashboard and Firefox, could pull off. But if you fancy yourself as a bit of a whizz with computer code, have at it! And if you get some cool stuff working, be sure to let us know.

DIY Kinect Hacking [adafruit]

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I just Laugh at the Negative Kinect comments .. From 99% who don't own one nor will .. I can tell you that i never had so much fun drunk off my ass playing Dance central for 4 hours last Friday night .. The thing is just great at what it does .. Its up to Game makers to use the tech ... and with over 1 Million sold they will be ... How many amazing launch games come out when a new system/Accessory come out ? I wont change you mind , so i will just laugh to myself jumping around like a fool