How to Get at Least 885 Free Lives in Super Mario 3D Land

It's easy to get free lives in the 3DS' excellent Super Mario 3D Land, especially if you go to World 1-2 and hop on the right Koopa shell.


YouTube user Arctic Extras found what is either a glitch or a wonderful Easter Egg that has generated at least 885 free lives for him so far. He makes one well-timed hop, and it's all auto-bouncing and fee-life-harvesting from there.

Design mistake? Bug? No. I declare this to be a feature! Just like the infinite lives features in classic Mario games.


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It's not a glitch, I believe Miyamoto said in an interview a couple of months back that they'd put it in there as a tribute to the infinite 1-Ups trick in the original Super Mario Bros.

EDIT - Although, typically, I can't find the source now.