How To Fly In Just Cause 3 Without Crashing Like A Loser

I was more mixed on Just Cause 3 than I was expecting to be, but the game can still be a hell of a lot of fun. It’s definitely more fun once you’ve gotten your head around how to fly without crashing into everything.


I played a lot of Just Cause 2, but it still took me a little while to get my head around the new game’s wingsuit controls. In the interest of helping out any new players who want to get up and flying, I recorded the above video to demonstrate some good basic flying tips.

If you’re already a pro, obviously, this video’s not for you. The gist of my advice: Use the grapple to pull yourself along while flying, learn to pull back so that you skate over ridges and buildings, and use the parachute to stop yourself and quickly gain altitude if you’re about to crash into the ground.


Good luck out there, and if you see an enemy helicopter, grapple up and say hi.

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Butter. Bread.

I’m actually loving this game (on PC). I’ve got some weird flickering issues on random objects, but generally am getting pretty good performance and load times overall.

I was really frustrated at first because the pre-driver-update form was broken, and once I got that running the intro was just, frankly, not as fun as I was expecting.

But now that I’ve gotten a few hours in, I’m REALLY enjoying it. The destruction is actually the best I’ve seen since Red Faction Guerrilla (although it still doesn’t come close). The destruction in JC 2 was mostly pre-baked, I think, so it really wasn’t all that fun...but the new systems are really quite excellent. Last night I grappled a passing truck to a guard tower: I thought it would retract and smash head-on into the base of it, but I kind of misjudged the angle, and instead it swung around like a tetherball, BUT IT ACTUALLY TWISTED THE TOWER INSTEAD, causing the supports to bend and break. It was incredibly realistic.

And the wingsuit was a stroke of genius, of course.

I’m really sorry to hear the console versions suck. That is truly a shame. I’m also sorry for the AMD users out there that are having significant problems on the PC version...

Square botched this release, for sure. Very sad. Great game though, if anybody out there wants to give it a shot and has some luck.