How To Find Fallout 76's Mothman

Fallout 76's post-apocalyptic West Virginia is a mean place with few friends. Instead of getting your face chewed off by snallyghasters, why not spend time with the adorable Mothman? I’ll show you how in this video.

The Mothman can be randomly found throughout the game world, but the chance of an encounter is low. Instead, there’s a surefire way to summon him. If you head east of Vault 76 to Landview Lighthouse at night, there’s a chance you’ll get to participate in a special event called “The Path to Enlightenment.” You (or any friendly players who show up) need to kill 50 fireflies and use their bioluminescent fluid to activate the lighthouse. It’s a pretty quick process that you can even pull off solo. If you do, you will summon the “Wise Mothman.”

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This is a friendly and harmless version of the Mothman, and you can hit the interact key to commune with him. This grants the “Wisdom of the Mothman” buff, which gives you plus five percent experience gain for one hour. It’s a useful buff for starting out, and the event is right near the vault, which means you can grab it for some early leveling.

Players have been hunting down other Mothman variants and creatures throughout the West Virginian wasteland, but if you can’t wait to meet this cute cryptid, it’s worth hiking to the lighthouse or fast traveling whenever you see the event is live.


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