It's a first for Ask Kotaku! I thought my column was getting a little unwieldy, what with how long it was getting, and figured it might be fun to do a video-formatted one for this week. But the gist is the same: you ask me questions, and I give you advice. We've got some life dilemmas following.

I've hyperlinked each timestamp to indicate which question appears where, but it'll take you off this page each time, so it might be easier to scrub through. Up to you! Otherwise, enjoy!

Here's the timestamped rundown of what I answered this week:

0:08 Getting my wife to play games with me

1:03 Putting on weight without sacrificing eating healthily or exercising

1:39 When it's time to cut the four-year-old off of games for the day

2:21 Getting comfortable meeting people in the real world when you spend so much time online


3:36 How to dress at the Zelda Symphony

4:03 Being adventurous

5:18 Recovering from losing your job, girlfriend and friends

6:16 Considering asking your girlfriend to move in with you to save her from an alcoholic mother, but while your relationships teeters at the edge


7:20 Banning on Kotaku, and starting pun threads

8:20 Networking at E3

9:29 My outro

Don't forget to email me questions for next week's segment.

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