How To Deal With Your Jerk Friends And Other Advice

In this week's Ask Kotaku I answer a bunch of questions covering newly announced games, your friends and life at Kotaku.

Sorry I missed you guys last week. I was busy running around LA like a maniac and being really tired and stuff. But I'm back! So let's get into this week's questions on Ask Kotaku video edition episode 2. And don't forget to email me (find my email at the bottom of this post) more questions for next week!


0:00 Intro

0:17 Getting a dog

0:34 Purchasing a PS4 bundle

1:05 Dealing with the too-competitive gamer friend

1:59 Making gamer friends

3:15 Buying a Wii U for kids

4:06 Hidden 360 gems

4:32 Games I'm looking forward to

5:16 How to play classic games

5:51 How I came to work for Kotaku

6:42 Editors replying to commenters on the site

7:35 Outro

That's it for this week, folks! Hope you enjoyed Ask Kotaku and my silliness.

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i don't get american humour, its so unfunny