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You have probably noticed, being the lovely JRPG connoisseur you are, that September is going to be busy. In just that one month we’re going to see new entries from two RPG titans: the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII, on September 16, and the boy band simulator Final Fantasy XV, on September 30.


So when I had the opportunity to chat with Dragon Quest VII 3DS producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto and franchise producer Yu Miyake last week, I asked them about the over-crowding. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past came out in Japan three years ago, sure, but U.S. gamers are now getting two massive JRPGs in the span of two weeks. “Are you guys worried at all that people won’t have time to play both of them?”

Final Fantasy XV will be on PlayStation, and Dragon Quest VII is on 3DS,” Fujimoto said.

“Maybe during the movies of Final Fantasy, they can play Dragon Quest VII,” Miyake said, laughing. “And then maybe when they’re outside, they can play Dragon Quest VII and then when they go back home they can play Final Fantasy. And then when they’re at the office or at school they can play Dragon Quest.”

Well there you go. Balance achieved.

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