How to Customize This Site's Navigation

We've made a few small adjustments to our site today, including a new way to interact with stories in our right sidebar: You can now set the sidebar to a one- or two-paned interface, as demonstrated in the video above, made by our friends at Lifehacker.


We also gently pushed the maroon slider up towards "quite a bit of maroon".

The one-pane interface locks the right sidebar in place so that when you scroll the page, it scrolls along with the page. The two-pane interface (available on Firefox 4, Chrome, and Safari) works just like the previous default: You can scroll the page content and the sidebar content independently, using your mouse's scroll wheel, your laptop's trackpad, or by clicking and dragging the scrollbar itself. Works especially well in OS X Lion, but should work just fine in all major, modern browsers. (And of course let me know if it does not.)

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Finally, you can still toggle between "blog" view and "top stories" view by clicking the button you see pictured at left.

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I do think you should tone the colour down a bit (example from the pinkest colour used).