You might have boobs. You might have moobs. And if you do, you probably have bras. So why not cover them in Pokéballs from Pokémon?

For those brassiere-wearing folks who love Pocket Monsters, here is a quick tutorial from Selina, the maker of the original Pok√©bra. We've seen the Pok√©bra before, but we just didn't know how to make one for ourselves. Her walk through is pretty simple. You'll either need fabric markers or fabric paint ‚ÄĒ oh, and a bra. She gives pros and cons for markers and paint.

Over at her site she's got a walk-through for how to draw the balls, too. She has lots of helpful hints, so be sure to *cough* catch them all.

attempts to crack the party code, pokébra tutorial :D I keep getting questions... [ via TDW Geeks]