Here are some good (mostly free) options that will let you quickly trim clips, add music, convert videos, or even dip your toes into some more serious editing. If you want more, Wikipedia naturally has an exhaustive list of video editing software.


For Mac & PC


For the simplest edits, you can just use YouTube's built-in video editor. It's certainly not the most advanced software available, but it's totally free, requires no download, and lives on the same site that you'll probably be uploading your video to. It gives you the ability to trim and combine clips you've uploaded, add filters and text, and most importantly, star wipes. You can even search for free audio tracks and creative commons videos to add to your own project.


MPEG Streamclip

This is an old standby, mostly for converting videos with different codecs, but can also be used to quickly trim videos without going through the long process of rendering. It's free and available on Mac and Windows, so it's a good idea to have it around for whenever you might need it.


Quicktime Pro

Quicktime Pro is also handy tool to have around. It offers lots of features, but most relevant to game capture is the ability to easily trim videos without rendering. It may be pre-installed on your work or school computer. If not, it'll cost you $30, so this might not be your first choice.



If you really want to get serious, but don't have any money, Lightworks is a fully-featured video editing program that offers a free and a paid version. You can download it right now, and it works on Mac, PC, and even Linux!


Mac Only


This is the obvious go-to simple editing program for Mac users. It's free and probably already installed on your computer, so there's no harm in using it, but if you just want to trim your clips, it'll probably make things more complicated than necessary. Stick to MPEG Streamclip


PC Only

Movie Maker

There's a free program called Movie Maker that you can download for Windows 7 and 8 here. Windows 8.1 also offers some free tools that let you do more basic tasks like trimming clips, you can find more info about those here.


So that's it! You should be well on your way to capturing some exciting videos of your gaming achievements. If you have any other suggestions, tips, or even favorite clips, put them in the comments below.

Image by Tara Jacoby

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