How To Buy A PC Graphics Card

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Some of you may know exactly what you're after in a graphics card, and that's great. Good for you. But for most people, the market is a confusing one, so why not let the experts give you a hand?


Fed up with all the Xs and numbers and mindless claims on the back of the box, Gizmodo have a handy little guide up showing you how to find what you're looking for in a crowded, confusing market. Where to look for information, who to trust, that sort of thing.

Useful! I mean, I'm an avid PC gamer and even I struggle to stay on top of the graphics card market. Last I checked, the word eXtreme didn't really mean anything.


Giz Explains: How to Choose the Right Graphics Card [Gizmodo]

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Thats why I love Consoles, I only need to choose 1 and at least for the next 5 Years I dont need to get anything else. Well, by the Numbers of Exclusives Titles, maybe you could choose 2 at the same Time. At least that doesnt happen with regular GfXcards, Imagine Nvidia and Co. would have exclusives too O.o