How To Build A Life-Size Monster Hunter Dragon

Ever wonder how the giant displays at conventions like E3 get made? Well the folks at Tested took a step-by-step look at the making of a giant dragon for Capcom's booth at this year's E3.

Frank Ippolito was in charge of building the Gore Magala from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and the result is pretty incredible. It's build from a carved foam base, covered in a clay-like epoxy, then airbrushed with metallic colors to give it an iridescent shine.

Here's the team coating the finished foam sculpture with epoxy:


And here's how it was displayed at E3:

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If you want to see the dragon in person, it'll be at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Making a Life-Sized Dragon [YouTube]

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It looks nice, and I hate to sound like a douche so sorry if I do, but it doesn't look all that accurate, and the paws especially look pretty meh. That and the rest of the arms are wrong. The head is pretty messed up too, the antenna positioning especially...

Sorry! It's just he's one of my favorite monsters and I can get pretty anal about the details :/

EDIT: Granted I'd make some mistakes too if I was to say try drawing him from memory, but this guy has references to pull from no problem. The amount of official artwork out there for Gore Magala is insane.