How Thor Flies, According to Science

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Of all the major superheroes who can defy the laws of gravity, Thor's mode of flight seems like one of the most unlikely: spinning his magic hammer Mjolnir around and holding on after flinging it. Is there any way that would actually work? Science actually says yes.


Sure, he commands the wind and the storm but it always seems like the way Thor flies requires a lot of suspension of disbelief. A new video from Nerdist's Because Science show attempts to use lots of fancy math and the principle of conservation of momentum to sketch out a theory that explains how the Odinson can streak across the sky. You don't exactly need real-world scientific justifications to enjoy Thor's adventures but it's a fun little exercise.


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Tamales y Atole

does not all the momentum-thing go to (Norse) Hell when we ask how is Thor able to spin such massive hammer?

Also, remember that the helicarrier was worthy of it, or otherwise it couldn't have been flying...