How These Guys Made A Music Video Using Kinect

The Xbox 360 Kinect camera may have been intended for use with video games, but many of its most interesting uses were unlocked once the device was hacked. Suddenly, people had access to a cheap, relatively easy to use motion capture device. Nice!


Film director Andrew Gant used the Kinect, along with several other cameras, to enhance a music video for the song "Tokyo" by the band Exist Elsewhere. Up top, a video of their process.

Here's the finished product:

The finished video doesn't use all that much Kinect footage, but it's a cool effect when they use it. Definitely looking forward to what creative filmmakers will be able to do with the Xbox One's more advanced Kinect camera.

Read more about the project over at Private School Entertainment.



Will there be a pc version of the new kinect?