Well, there's a headline I never thought I'd have to write.

But behold! John Deere, masters of agricultural vehicles, have made the R-Gator, a small "utility" vehicle for the US Army that looks like a golf cart in olive green. It's like a regular Gator, only this time the "R" stands for "Remote", as it can be operated remotely with no need for an on-hands driver (though it can be driven by humans if the need arises).

Operators can either rely on GPS and the vehicle's on-board AI to get around, or they can grab a wired Xbox 360 controller and, using a mounted camera, do the job themselves.

It may look like a mini Warthog, but I don't think it handles quite like one.

This is far from the first time a military vehicle has used a 360 pad for input, showing you all that even if they're out of fashion in the living room, there are still markets out there that prefer the stability and reliability of a wired controller.


[thanks Dane!]