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How The Vault Dweller Got His/Her Groove Back - Fallout 3 Machinima

Did you ever wonder what Fallout 3 would be like as a musical? Neither did we.

Nevertheless Fallout 3 - Wasteland Dancin' is a piece of musical theatre machinima made with the PC version of the game and a handful of mods including Umpa's Animation MOD, GoreTweaks, and the ever-popular killableChildrenVer1-376. Music is by Shawn Lee from the Bully soundtrack.


Say what you like about the quality of the animation in Fallout 3 - those double and possibly even triple-jointed lifeless mannequins can really bust some moves.

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This is a fine example of why it is important for developers to continue supporting the modding community to the utmost extent.

Despite being a console gamer, modding is the one reason I love the PC platform. I've never bought a PC game that didn't have the potential to be edited with ease, and I never will.