How the PS4 Is Doing in Japan

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The PlayStation 4 launched in Japan on February 22, 2014. With the console’s two year anniversary coming up in Japan, let’s see how the PS4 is doing in the country where the PlayStation was born.


In the latest Weekly Famitsu, an article features monthly PS4 sales data, letting us track the console’s progress over the past two years. Let’s see how things are shaking out:


February: 322,083 units (launch)

March: 169,806 units (post-launch drop)

April: 50,252 units (sales continuing to drop)

May: 34,646 units (sales bottomed out in this neighborhood)

June: 36,998 units

July: 24,884 units

August: 27,749 units

September: 44,129 units

October: 31,387 units

November: 54,777 units

December: 128,859 units (holiday sales and a special Metallic Slim PS4)


January: 77,092 units (some Japanese New Years sales, perhaps)

February: 69,974 units

March: 204,347 units (several big name titles hit in late February and through March, including Dragon Quest Heroes, Bloodborne, Yakuza 0, and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD)

April: 77,599 units (steep drop from the previous month)

May: 65,380 units (still dropping)

June: 44,979 units (and bottoming out; the baseline does appear higher than in 2014)

July: 65,724 units

August: 74,562 units

September: 90,425 units (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launched)

October: 118,881 units (5,000 yen price drop for the 500GB PS4)

November: 131,581 units

December: 184,619 units (holiday sales)


January: 193,184 units (some Japanese New Years sales, perhaps)

February (first week): 32,181 units

Based on Famitsu’s retail sales numbers, as of Feburary 7, there have been 2,356,098 PS4 consoles sold in Japan since launch.


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