How the Playstation Helped Shape the Most Interesting iPad Game of the Year

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It all started with a song, an instrumental created with a Playstation by Canadian musician Jim Guthrie, it seems.


Speaking to NOW Magazine, Guthrie explains how he went from days creating music for Three Gut Records to working with a team of five on what would become iPad gaming darling Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery – EP. Guthrie said the Superbrothers sent him a pixel art postcard in 2003 or so and he responded with a bunch of instrumental Playstation music. Fast forward two years and the team came back to him to work on the music for what would become Sword & Sworcery. And that Playstation music, it remained important.

"The Playstation music I sent Craig years ago hugely informed the game's early stages of development and we actually used a few of those compositions," Guthrie told the mag. "As Craig and Kris added more ideas to the pot I made more music inspired by those ideas and Jon and Frankie stitched it all together with 1s and 0s. Toward the end Capy's own Sean Lorhrisch swooped in to smooth out all the audio levels and add extra SFX."


The end result was a game meant to be a role-playing walk through of an album.

"The name of the app is Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery – EP because we always intended for the music to be a core element of the game experience," he said. "It's an album you can "walk through." Because of that I wrote the music with an album in mind. "

And now the music for the game that is album is getting it's own album release, set to hit iTunes later this week.


Check out the full interview over at Now.

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"The most interesting iPad game of the year"??? The game was terrible. Granted the musical score was pretty good but the rest of it was terrible. It was for the most part a simple point-and-click adventure with some boring, repetitive fight scenes mixed in. The game was neither challenging or interesting. The dialogue and storyline (if you can even call it a story) is a disjointed mix of pop psychology and pop culture references. If I asked to Charlie Sheen to come up with a plot to a video game after he has been on his longest cocaine bender and while in a manic state, the result would probably be this game. The ability to tweet every line of dialogue is gimmicky and pointless. Some might find the pixelated graphics quaint and artsy, I do not. Overall the game was terrible. I don't see why the game has received so much buzz.