How The Hobbit's Incredible CG Visuals Were Made

Wired and effects studio WETA have put together this video showing how many of the big battle (and dragon) sequences for the third Hobbit movie were put together. It's pretty good!


A little infomercial-y in parts, sure, but there are plenty of effects breakdowns, as well some interesting info: the fact that Smaug's wings were so realistically modelled that they generated their own airflow, which in turn affected the fires below, almost seems a little too much.

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what weirded me out about the last hobbit movie is that so much of the cgi was awesome, but then there would be the occasional scene that would just look.... Really bad. For example, billy Connolly looked atrocious (I don't know how much of his getup was make up and how much was cgi, but it certainly looked cgi), and the scene where the female elf falls down the mountain towards the end looked like it was generated by a 2003 Macbook.