How Space Combat Works In Star Trek Online

We've spent more than enough time telling you about how ship combat works in Star Trek Online - now it's time to show you.


We've been harping on the space combat in Star Trek Online for quite some time, and now Cryptic gives you a look at what we're so excited about. It's possibly the best video game representation of Star Trek space battles so far, and utilizing bridge officers as special powers and abilities during combat is rather brilliant.

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Eh... looks like they've fallen prey to the same mistake of most Trek games (as I suspected by one of the previous posts here), which is that the battles are too fast and the ships all handle like fighter jets. Absolutely no strategy involved, and not much in the way of tactics either. Just blast away until the other guy blows up, which seems to take about five seconds. Sorry, that's just not Star Trek. There's a place for games like that, but the Star Trek universe isn't it. #startrekonline