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How Sony Plans To Win The Entertainment War

Illustration for article titled How Sony Plans To Win The Entertainment War

It's no secret that companies affiliated with video games want to extend the reach of their consoles. It's not a bad idea either. Be a gamer's one stop shop for all of their media needs and they'll never leave their console's side. They'll use your handhelds and mobile applications and whatever the hell else you invent to help access their devices as best as it lets them.


Microsoft has been pitching the Xbox One as their "all in one" device pretty much since the reveal of their next-gen gaming machine. Meanwhile Sony has been all too happy to emphasize their dedication to games. But look close enough—and consider the latest reveal of the Vita TV—and you'll see they have similar intentions. They want you using the PS4. They want your attention just as much as any company trying to sell new hardware should.


Here's reader and TAY-poster Raiju's explanation on how Sony is attempting to woo you into their carefully constructed entertainment world.

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