How Players Pulled Off The Longest Turn In Hearthstone History

The arcane missile bombardment has finally stopped, the dust has cleared, and the longest turn in Hearthstone history is complete. 45 hours. 45 goddamn hours. But how did they do it?

(Note: there is a video that will auto-play near the bottom of this post. Sorry, there's no way to make it not do that. Every time it starts, I want to put my fist through my monitor just as much as you do.)


The clock officially stopped at 45 hours and 18 minutes, or 1 day, 21 hours, and 18 minutes. That is positively ludicrous in a game where turns are supposed to last—at maximum—90 seconds. If, for some demented reason, you want to watch a stream of the entire thing (minus a bump in the road where the stream was like, "please... I need a nap" but the turn kept going), you can go do that on Mamytwink's Twitch page.

But how'd Mamytwink (and friends) pull it off? Well, they've helpfully laid out their entire setup. Here it is:

  • Prophet Velen was buffed multiple times with the new card Velen's Choice (more than 30 times for some Velen).
  • Prophet Velen have then been multiplied on the field thanks to Faceless manipulator
  • In order to multiply Faceless Manipulator, we used the card Mind vision.
  • Iceblock prevents the Priest from dying.
  • The spellpower increases the number of missiles casted by Arcane Missiles. 207 spellpower = +206 missiles. this makes a total amount of 206 + 3 missiles. Prophet Velen doubles the number of missiles. Because there are 7 on the battlefield, the number of missiles has been multiplied 2^7 = 128 times. 128x210 = 26 752 missiles. Eventually, Arcane Missiles x 9 have been cast, which gives 26 752 x 9 = 240 768 missiles.
  • It takes approximately 0,67 seconds for the animation of a missile to happen. 240 768 x 0,67 = 161 314 seconds. Which gives more than 44h of live stream.

You can see how they put all of that into action here:


So there you go. I wonder if people are gonna start trying to top that time and haha what am I saying, this is the Internet, of course they are. I'm no math expert, though, so I have to ask: is this time even possible to top? Or did Mamytwink and co optimize the technique on their first go? Are there other cards they could've used to make even more clocks say, "oh wow, look at the time, haha I've gotta be going" and then shatter into a million pieces?

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What am I missing here? Mind Vision is the Priest Card, the priest getting extra copies of the Manipulator doesn't help, surely. Buffing the prophet is easy enough with Cho, I would have thought Mirror Entity/Duplicate would have been easier ways to do this. Mind Vision gets you the Ice Block sure.

Ah well. It was cool to see, not sure how it'll be beaten as a record.