[Image: super_hiro]

If you’re hot this summer, you can bet the Nintendo Switch is, too. The hardware already gets heated and is bound to do more so as the temperature rises. Here’s how folks have been trying to cool down their Switches.

Note: these are not recommendations!

An Opolar laptop cooler has been shoved onto a Switch.

All the necessary parts, it seems.


The end result.

A small fan seems like the safest (and easiest) option.


Or a bigger fan. While the one below requires more work:

Genius. According to Twitter user Rekka01, this drops the temperature from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit while in TV Mode.


Yeah, don’t do this. Please. Seriously. Don’t.


Cooling down the Switch on an ice pillow. Not sure that’s a good idea, either.

Here’s a Japanese language walkthrough for how to do the above Opolar laptop cooler mod.