When I finished Bloodborne on Sunday afternoon, my playtime was 46 hours, 21 minutes, and 13 seconds. The current world record is, well, way faster. How much faster? It's 44 minutes!

As soon as Bloodborne was released, people started digging into the game and finding ways to break it. Sometimes, it's glitches that allow you to easily defeat bosses. In this case, it's finding a way into the last third of the game long before you're "supposed" to be over there.

It's not surprising people are clocking through the game faster than I am, but less than an hour? I spent nearly two days fighting through Yharnam, so clearly something special is happening.

Let's break down a recent run by YouTube user Oginam_tv. This is an any% speedrun, by the way, which means glitches and exploits are fair game.


Anyone playing Bloodborne will be familiar with this jerk from the game's starting area:

He's one of the most powerful creatures early on, capable of wrecking you with a single blow. When I first came across him, I was stupidly cocky, died immediately, and didn't come back until I could fully whoop him. (I did). For Oginam_tv, though, clearing him out is crucial.


Once he's down for the count, it's time for a little jumping action. How come? Just over that fence on the righthand side is a shortcut that most players won't unlock until far later into the game, but when done, quickly links you to a creepy place called the Forbidden Woods.

There are two jumps he needs to pull off to make this work.


Thanks for the boost, coffin! (I wonder if they'll move that in a patch? Hmm.) Once he's up there, there's another jump required. Next up, the fence.

With that done, he slides down a ladder, navigates through a swamp, and emerges in the Forbidden Woods. If you're playing Bloodborne like an average player, you won't find the Forbidden Woods for many hours. This should be obvious, but this path isn't recommended!


The big question, then, is how he's able to tackle some of the game's powerful bosses without having spent hours leveling up. He takes advantage of the item duplication trick that Patricia outlined this morning.

This lets him cash in hundreds of thousands of echoes in seconds, allowing him to tackle the bosses that wait ahead. It's how he's able to quickly lay waste to, say, the Shadows of Yharnam.


While I'm sure later speedrunners will find ways to defeat bosses without resorting to power leveling—and From Software is sure to remove the item duplication in a future patch—this lays out an early template for finishing Bloodborne as fast as possible.

In fact, watching this run, it's easy to see how it'll improve. He spends several minutes trying to pull off the initial jump, gets hit too many times, and has to spend precious seconds healing.


As for me, I'm pretty happy with my 46 hours!

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