Yuri Seo is a voice actress for League of Legends. She's also a cast member of Saturday Night Live Korea. And recently, she conquered Facebook.

When the fourth season of SNL Korea was getting underway, all the cast members were told to promote SNL Korea on Facebook—well, except her.


Seo wrote on Facebook (via tipster Sang) that her feelings weren't hurt, because she didn't have that many Facebook followers and wasn't that well known on SNL Korea. She had just started the previous season and was never really given anything to do. So, perhaps, SNL Korea thought few people visit her Facebook page, so why bother?

However, Seo decided to do a Facebook stunt of her own. She told her Facebook followers that if she got more than 10,000 Facebook likes, she would cosplay as Janna from League of Legends, one of the characters she voices in the Korean version.

Well, not only did she get ten thousand Facebook likes, she got way more. Currently, her Facebook page has over 80,000 likes!


And now she's appearing in a Hyundai ad with other SNL Korea cast members.

All of this apparently makes Yuri Seo the first voice talent to crossover to the Korean mainstream. Voice actors and actress have never been mainstream celebrities in South Korea. Until now.


서유리 (yuri seo) [Facebook Thanks, Sang!]

@yuri_voice [Twitter]

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