Inception features dreams that are in dreams. Nintendo's newest Wario title, Game & Wario, is kind of like that, too.


Game & Wario is a collection of 16 mini games, but not a Wario Ware micro game collection that features an onslaught of bit-sized games that last seconds. Fans of the series are well aware of the difference.

One of the Game & Wario mini games is called "Gamer". In it, you play Wario Ware micro games on the GamePad. On the TV, you try to avoid being caught playing video games by your mom. When she comes to check on you, you must put down the GamePad so as not to get in trouble.


How wonderfully post modern of Nintendo: Wario Ware games within a new Wario title. Next time Nintendo, try cramming a Wario Ware in a Wario Ware that's in a Wario Ware that might or might not be a Wario game.


プレゼンテーション映像 [@nintendodirectch]

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