How Much Did Gran Turismo 5 Cost To Make?

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Gran Turismo 5 has been years in the making. Last time we checked, years are not cheap. Years are expensive.

When asked by AutoWeek about the game's budget, Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi dropped this price tag: $60 million.

"There are other games that cost more," Yamauchi added. "Considering the size and scale of the game, I think it's probably a fairly small amount."


Other games that cost more? Games like Shenmue or Grand Theft Auto IV?

With Polyphony Digital's know-how and expertise, the game probably cost less that it could have considering the lengthy development cycle. But then again, GT5 is apparently 50 times more than the first Gran Turismo. We're not sure if that amount includes marketing and what not.

If Yamauchi and his team curbed the dev cycle and turned around the game in a more timely fashion, they could has brought down the game's budget even more. Not our money, though! Perhaps the inevitable GT6 won't take as long — or cost as much.


SEMA show: More news on the much-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 video game [AutoWeek Thanks David!]

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High budgets just dont make sense sometimes. A lot of times it is because money was wasted and they started over or scrapped certain things and had to take more time. Does GT5 look like a game that costs 60 million? No, its beautiful but its a racing game with no AI. Did 50 million go into the graphics? #granturismo5