How Many Game References Can You Find in This Glorious Pixel Music Video?

Inspired by the 8-bit era of gaming, artist and animator Mike Scott created this astounding pixel music video for South African band Goldfish's song "We Come Together", riddled with references to classic video games. How many can you spot?


Scott tells me that he created this labor of love "with Kotaku's appreciation of 8-bit heritage in mind", so this one is apparently for all of you lovely readers out there.

According to the making of video, the band wanted a video that featured them battling the forces of smooth jazz, with the jazz police attempting to thwart their efforts. Scott took idea and morphed it into smooth jazz cats versus electro-fishes, a theme I believe we can all relate to on some level.


Or not.

What we can relate to, however, is the copious amount of gaming love the video displays. From Bomberman to Pac-Man and all the mans between, they come together for Goldfish's "We Come Together."

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Let's see... of the things I noticed...

opening Goldfish logo (Sonic/Sega)

Fishytendo (Nintendo)

Princess Fishy (Super Mario)

Storm Troopers (Star Wars)

Furious Fish logo (Angry Birds)

Motorcycle jump into bubble (Excitebike & Bubble Bobble)

["Derp" written in background on the rock]

Slingshot (Angry Birds)

Flight by balloon, flying fish and Cheep Cheep (Balloon Fight, Super Mario, and possibly Legendary Starfy)

Rooftop landing + helmet get (Megaman 2)

Elevator ride (Elevator Action)

Jungle scene (Pitfall)

Block jumping (Q*Bert)

Fishy time (Burger Time, though a bit too obvious. Could just be an intro for the couris.)

Easter Egg frame (Xbox 360 Achievements)

Sax Swing (Baseball)

Keyboard Swing (Golf)

Synth Background Smash (Smash Bros & Super Mario)

Fish-doken (Street Fighter)

Combo ending with the Shoruken (Kinda wanna say it's Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, but could just be a continue of Street Fighter)

First boss (Kinda wanna say Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

! Block & Mushroom (Super Mario)

Tank (more than likely Newgrounds, but really, take your pick)

Wanted Level (Grand Theft Auto)

Maze Streets (Pac Man)

Carjacking (GTA again)

"The Orange" (Metal Gear Solid)

[Triforce in background, along with "Try Me" written next to it (Zelda)

Meowth with Catz Eyepiece (Pokemon & Zero Wing)

Hello Gatto (Hello Hitty)

Felix (Felix the Cat)

Meowser (Bowser from Mario... Again)

M3-0W (R2-D2 from Star Wars)

Cat Kong (Donkey Kong)

[Possible Goomba pictured in background (Super Mario)]

Tin Tin (The Adventures of Tintin)

Keyboard Cat (Keyboard Cat)

Angry Cat Bird (Angry Birds... again)

Darth Kitty (Star Wars)

Bird chase (Pac Man)

[All Your Bass written in background (All Your Base - Zero Wing)]

[Bartender in background (I'm fairly sure he was in one of the Zelda N64 games)]

Hundred Palm Punch (Street Fighter)

Suplex (Final Fight)

["I don't think you should" and "Drink that" pictured in background (Day of the Tentical?)]

Decap (Mortal Kombat)

Angry Cat Bird Hunt (Duck Hunt)

[Max pictured in background (Sam & Max)]

"Ludicrous Gibs" (Take your pick, but I say Unreal Tournament)

Cat-Bart in corner (Simpsons styled like Mortal Kimbat)

Bombercat (Bomberman)

Cat-tuar (Cactuar from Final Fantasy)

Parappa (Parappa the Rapper)

Flying Tin Tin (The Adventures of Tintin)

Ghost (Pac Man)

Finn (Adventure Time)

The Prince of Cosmos (Katamari Damacy)

Jungle Run (Sonic)

["Pew Pew" written on 2 of 3 loops]

["Keep Going" written on ramp]

Goldfish Mech (Sonic, though more like Ristar)

["Ahoy" written on hand]

Big Blue "John" (Garfield, "John" is written on hat)

Hadoken Command (Street Fighter)

Ninja Turtle Cat (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Dropping of the Fat Cat (Super Mario)

A Winner is You (Pro Wrestling)

I'm fairly sure I missed some...