How Live Is Quake Live? So, So Live

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Chomping at the bit to play the Quake Live beta? Well, chomp no more, as "the most exciting and energetic multiplayer game on the internet" has gone public, giving Quake aficionados free beta access.


The browser-based Quake Live is now accepting fans of fragging delighted at the sight of free gibs, just as id Software promised. All that one need do is register, download the browser plug-in and enjoy. It's a perfect way to shirk at your day job or, if you don't have a day job, put off gainful employment that much longer.

Quake Live looks to be very noob friendly, with helpful tutorials on everything one might need when entering the dangerous waters of online first-person shooters. And you can't beat the price.

Quake Live [Official Site - thanks, SS!]


I still have my old Quake 3 Arena disc around here (haven't fired it up in a few years though)...last time I did I ended up in a match with some kid who kept whinin' about me learning some "strategy" while I ended up cappin' his ass 19 out of 20 times. Maybe I'll try this when the heat cools down (of course, the kid might show up and cap MY ass 20 times; I am a bit rusty these days ^_^).