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How Killzone 2's Patch Can Change Your Controls

Illustration for article titled How Killzone 2s Patch Can Change Your Controls

While Killzone 2 made most PS3 owners happy, it couldn't please everyone. Some people, for example, hated the game's sluggish, "heavy" controls.


Never mind the fact these were mostly fixed by adjusting the controller sensitivity in the game's options menu. That was too hard for some people. So developers Guerilla Games are about to release a new patch for the game that, among some tweaks to matchmaking and skirmish mode, includes a new "High Precision" control scheme.

Guerilla's Eric Boltjes explains:

When this option is switched on, it makes the analog sticks more responsive to small movements. Turned off, the controls behave exactly as they did before the patch. It's not a radical overhaul of the control system, so the layout and the ‘weight' of the controls remain the same.

Still, a lot of us here at Guerrilla really enjoy the new High Precision option, so we've decided to switch it on by default for new players. Existing Killzone 2 players will have the option turned off by default after patching – we wouldn't want to force a sudden change to the controls on you!


So if you like the existing controls, you keep them, if not, you can change 'em. Wonderful.

Killzone 2 Patch 1.27 Details [PlayStation]

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"so the layout and the 'weight' of the controls remain the same."

Well, the problem still exists then. Good game though.