How Japanese Arcades Are Trying To Protect Against The Novel Coronavirus

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Photo: Brian Ashcraft
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Japanese arcades are places where people gather. But in the age of covid-19, that’s difficult, especially with machines so close together and players touching the same buttons and joysticks.


The novel coronavirus has hurt business for arcades. Mikado, above, had to launch a crowdfunding effort to help make up for lost income.

As noted on Hachima, game centers are trying to help players social distance by setting up plastic barriers and sheets, as well as requiring masks.

However, at these arcades, players aren’t required to wear masks while playing DDR.


Arcades are also disinfecting the machines to help prevent the spread of covid-19. Some are even asking players to wipe down the machines once they finish playing.


Hrm... One concern is how air circulates indoors, so the plastic barriers might not be enough.

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It helps Japan has had around 400-500 infections a day and not like, 70,000.