How I Lost 8 Kilograms

To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Must Get Zombrex


When I first came to Japan, I weighed about 59 kilograms (130 pounds). I think I'm like 5 foot eleven inches? I forget. Anyhoo, I used to be really thin. At that time, all I did was smoke and wander the streets late at night.

I don't do that anymore! I sit in front of my computer and type, type, type. And because my life has become sedentary. I quit smoking when my first son was born, because smoking is bad. Fun, but bad.

Earlier this year, I got a check up. And...I didn't do so hot. I didn't do horribly, I just didn't do so great. At the time, I was around 83 kilograms (183 pounds), I felt sluggish, I felt old.

So I basically stopped eating crap food (cookies, donuts, chips, etc), started drinking less and began eating more vegetables and taking daily hikes to the shrines in the mountains behind where I live. I love taking walks. Love it.

And...that's how! It really seems like eating better has helped so much. More veggies, more fish, less red meat, fewer fried food, etc.

I feel better, have more energy, etc. I'm currently at 75 kilograms (165 pounds). I'm not trying to lose weight per se. That's not the goal. I just want to have more energy, exercise and eat better. Ya dig?


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This article makes me sick. You know why? I'm 5'11" as well. I weighed 150kgs. That's unhealthily obese, I won't split hairs there. I lost 70 fucking kilograms and got down to 80kgs. Unfortunately, I still got called fat by some people (although certainly not those who new me before). I became self-conscious about it and just stopped eating all but an apple a day. I went for three 40-minute runs a day. I got down to 60kgs and then my body shut down on me and I had to go to hospital for forever and an age over it.

And you call yourself fat at 83kgs?

Fuck... serious. Ash, you say a lot of shit that pisses me off, but this takes the cake.