How Final Fantasy XIII's Heroine Became Homeless

In role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII, the protagonist Lightning didn't have a house. She had one. That is, until Square Enix cut it.

Lightning's futuristic, peanut-shaped abode seems to be covered with a shiny, metallic coating (and a yellow racing stripe). A glass-covered staircase led up to the entry way.


Inside, there was a bedroom and a living room. The living room sported a long table, and the furniture is sleek and modern.

Surrounding her house was a park and a plaza, and Square Enix even made a polygon model with textures. It was possible to walk around in the house.

However, due to storage issues, Square Enix had to cut the house - and the floating island it resided on. Wonder what caused those storage issues. Hrm...

FF13のライトニングの家は、容量の都合でパージされてしまったらしい [へちま速報@ゲーハー板]


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