Rovio's smash hit Angry Birds is coming to Facebook on Tuesday, but it's not making it to the world's largest social network without getting some community-aided enhancements. Play well with others and you could earn one of the four brand new power-ups that make the Mighty Eagle look like ... just the Eagle.

Earned through playing or gifted by your Facebook friends, the four new power-ups are the perfect way to flatten the playing field between the birds and pigs. Perhaps I meant level the playing field? Not in the case of the Birdquake. Flatten was the proper term.


The Birdquake, Sling Scope, Super Seeds, and King Sling should add an extra layer of strategy to those more difficult levels, which should be nice considering you won't be able to pause and reset over and over again like you do in the iPhone version. Come on, you know you do.

Flip through the gallery for more vids and pics of the new powers in action, and then hit up Facebook on Valentine's Day to show your love for pork-pounding physics puzzles.

Super Scope

Super Seeds

King Sling

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