How Do You Tell Your Family You're a Tekken Fan?

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Commenter Normalaatsra has never told his parents or brother his darkest secret: he loves Tekken. For many people this would not be a problem. So why is Normalaatsra hiding the disc from his family? Find out in today's very special episode of Speak Up on Kotaku.


I just bought Tekken 6 from a friend of mine who was selling it because his baby brother accidentally reformatted his PS3 which fortunately did not delete save files, but his huge music and anime collection (and wasn't raging about it)! He decided to sell the games he doesn't want to play anymore, and Tekken 6's post-game completion slump is as high as a building, and also the fact that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is coming out very soon in 2 months. As a secret Tekken fan, I would love to take this opportunity to start really get the Tekken experience that I would have at home by buying my first Tekken game, since I secretly play Tag Tournament 2 at the local arcade with no luck with real-life opponents.

When I got home my mother was at home. That's when I started getting anxious about popping the game into my PS3 straight away.


I had always kept a pacifist nature to my brother and my parents when it comes to gaming. Because of that, I play lots of racing games, never anything else outside of that genre, or related to that like, and as a result, I was not bothered by my parents on what I was playing. However I was an outcast for other gamers, since I stood by racing games whenever my pals are out playing shooters. But I did play these other games when I'm with someone else, I sucked so badly, but the experience is amazingly fun.

I became more aware of Tekken when I started learning about the story of it. That time Tekken 6 was released to arcades, brand new. And it's there where I took the courage to try it. I became fascinated, obsessed, and became a fanboy within days! Tekken is awesome.

But now I'm just shy of what I am playing in front of my TV. At the arcades, I've already got myself playing Time Crisis 4, although I rarely get past Stage 1. A direct result of keeping it with the racing genre. If it wasn't for a faraway arcade, I would never have had the chance to come out secretly and accept what I am doing.

Still keeping quiet on what I was playing, I downloaded the Mirror's Edge demo on to my PS3, and my dad showed up behind me, saying that it's a stupid game (he doesn't like crazy sports action). I freaked out. But last year I secretly purchased Portal 2 and Mirror's Edge for PC while on vacation. I showed Portal 2 to my brother who was looking for a Mac game other than The Sims 3. Then he exclaimed "What is this, a shooting game?" I had remained silent since. And that's not all. Playing Mirror's Edge on the laptop, my dad overheard the sounds of machine gun firing. He asked me why I was playing a game with shooting involved.. I bluffed out that it was the sound of helicopters shooting me in Need for Speed The Run.


Right now I have stashed my Tekken 6 disc underneath piles of socks in a drawer, and have no plans to touch it when my parents are at home. I could not hide my new found likes any longer from my family! I guess I need help coming out.

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Dude... I don't really want to be rude about it... but I'll have to be. First, how old are you? Second... why do you keep secrets from your family? Are the going to kill you or disown you just because you play a violent game?

And Tekken? I'm a huge Tekken fan with every game release for the franchise in my collection, but Tekken is cartoony as hell... it doesn't even have blood in it, if it was Mortal Kombat, I would understand a little... but... seriously.... why can't you just come clean and say "I'll play whatever the fuck I want!" to your parents? Stand up, do what you want, be yourself.... do not hide what you like or what you are.