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How Do You Lure Kids to a Power Rangers Beta Test? Pizza.

Illustration for article titled How Do You Lure Kids to a Power Rangers Beta Test? Pizza.
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A Power Rangers Online exists in Korea, which is about to enter its second closed beta testing phase from March 29 to April 4. Somebody thought it would be brilliant to lure students to test their game with the promise of pizza; the top ten school classes with the most applications for the beta test will each win ten large pizzas and a Cola delivered to their classroom. The winning number of applications depends on one student telling his friends to register to play Power Rangers Online, and those friends tell their friends, and the snowball rolls on.


There is a leaderboard on the main site, which names the top ten schools, the class number, the class's grade level, and how many have applied. While there is still ample time for students to apply, the leaderboard suggests that ten pizzas isn't quite enough to cover the emotional cost of letting your classmates and friends know you're into Power Rangers. Even elementary school students have their pride to consider. Right now, the top applicant has four applicants each.

When I was in elementary school, I never watched television much; the only TV I saw in the early 90's were Batman: The Animated Series and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I owned a Green Ranger action figure because Tommy was the best ranger. To this day, I don't find it strange at all that the show had a black guy and an Asian girl play the black and yellow rangers respectively, because I didn't think it was weird when I watched the show as a kid. Power Rangers was so fun to watch. And the best part of the show was when the Zords combined.


Power Rangers Online has a combine move in the game, but Zords are not involved. It'd be great if the game turns out well, but I would say that this snowball has found its way into the wrong idiom.

Power Rangers Online

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Drizzt - Bye Gawker. Not converting mah account for noone round these parts. Noone.

Pfft what are these power rangers you speak of?? When I was a kid all I ever got to see was the Super Human Samurai Syber Squad ...