How Did They Know I'm A Sucker For Space Strategy Games Starring Animals?

There are certain parts of the internet today that got very excited about Star Drive, an upcoming 4X space game. They're excited because, a long time after the game was little but a twinkle in its developer's eyes, it's shaping up to be everything a nostalgic 90's gamer/serious space nerd is looking for.


Seeing as I'm both, count me in. Though, you could have counted me in the moment I saw space bears. And funny little space owls. And dudes with space pipes.


Players will be exploring, colonising, designing ships then dropping them into battle, with combat looking more involved than some of the genre's other more passive efforts.

You'll be able to preorder the game on Steam soon; until then, you can check out the official site below.

StarDrive [Official Site]

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