Nearly a year ago, the Dead Space 2 production team crowdsourced one of the game's signature kill animations, in which the player and a necromorph are locked in combat. "Meat Cello," which you'll see when the game releases, was chosen.

Daniel Emmerson of Cornwall, England, was named winner last April. He spoke to Asylum about how he developed the finishing move (seen above) against the game's "Leaper" enemy. Basically, someone threw laundry at him.


"I actually made a 'Leaper' out of a jacket (stuffed with other jackets) and a scarf for the tail," Emmerson told Asylym. "I used this to act them out to see what felt natural in a panic situation (someone threw it at me) and to see which was the quickest way to dispose of the Leaper."

Visceral Games, maker of Dead Space 2, said it was looking for ""a paired move that felt natural, scary and was something we could technically achieve," said Steve Papoutsis, the game's executive producer. "'Meat Cello' fit the bill."

Not only will you see "Meat Cello" in Dead Space 2 when it arrives next week, you'll see Emmerson as well. Included with the grand prize is the creator's appearance in the game itself.

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