Yes, yes, whine about how overly-saturated the pickup truck racing genre has gotten during the past console generation. That's a poor excuse to miss out on what some remote cultures might consider the greatest Dodge Ram-centric racer ever created.

Had to throw that little Ram caveat in there, just in case the Excite Truck crowd show up and start raising hell. Freaking fanboys could never appreciate the majesty and glory of Ram Racing. Their little imaginary vehicles couldn't possibly compare to the raw power of a Dodge Ram roaring down the street, bumping off walls and other Dodge Rams without as much as one scratch. This is what truck racing is all about, ladies and gentlemen. The only way it gets more realistic than this is if they gave players a choice of gun racks to mount on the rear windshield.

Why, we loved the game so much we mocked up our own trailer for it, complete with titles that acknowledge its finer points.

Now I know what you're thinking: Didn't this game come back in October of last year? Why yes, it did, but don't worry. There's plenty of copies to go around over at Amazon. Get 'em while they're hot!


And remember, if you ain't racing in a truck, then you're probably racing in something smaller, faster, and more maneuverable. Also, you might be a tart.


Games don't lie.

Ram Racing Wii