How Chicken McNuggets Are Made (Spoilers: It's Not Pink Goop)

Despite having proven otherwise time and time again, McDonald's still gets people asking if the horrifying image of pink chicken goop which circulated in 2010 is what's inside their Chicken McNuggets. Here's what's really happening inside McDonald's nugget factory.


Now I'm sure the Cargill, Canada factory this video response takes place in received a vigorous scrubbing before the cameras were allowed inside, but the process jibes with what I understand as a professional snackologist. That's to say, I don't really care as long as it tastes good-ish.

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Jeeze, people were concerned that their McNuggets were made from goop?

Really? That's what people were concerned about?

Because eating at McDonald's is always a healthy option. (Cue comments showing me so wrong how they lost 5600 pounds using this one simple McDonalds trick the Burger King people don't want you to know.)

Edit: Not to say I'm not eating nuggets, because they're my fave thing from McD if I go there. Just saying who cares if they're made from Goop (tm).