How Can Mario Shirts Cost $175?

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Easy! Take a t-shirt and apply the Bape sub-label Baby Milo. That's eighty bucks already. You're almost half way there. Next, make it exclusive to the members-only online store Nigo's Favorite Shop. Finally, add Japanese import mark up and you've easily reached $175. The designs, featuring artwork from the Bape branded Nintendo DSs released earlier this year, may not be spectacular enough to warrant nearly two-hundred bucks in t-shirt purchases, but it's not outrageous for retailers to ask this much money. How do I know this? The shirts went online yesterday and are already sold out. A BATHING APE [NFS Exclusive] MARIO to MILO Tee [Top] WHITE [Cliff Edge via Hypebeast]


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Ahh, A Bathing Ape: when you are an awkwardly shaped white hipster with an interest in Japan (favorite games include Rez, Lumines, ICO; favorite bands include Mondo Grosso and Genki Rockets), absolutely need to spend a lot of money on clothing in order to feel good about yourself, and don't want to wear something that actually looks interesting for fear of being accused of homosexuality by your friends and/or loved ones, they've got you covered.