How Big Is The iPad, Really?

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Giant graphics are nice and all, but now that I've got the real thing in my hands, I thought I'd see how the iPad measures up to other electronic and game-related devices laying about my home.


My Toshiba laptop dominates the scene, but I knew it would; I carry it with me to press events and conventions as penance for some long-forgotten sin.The maroon thing on the right is a Gateway netbook, which I purchased to replace the Toshiba as a traveling companion, but have yet to work up the nerve. You should be able to figure out the rest.

The iPad turned out to be slightly smaller than I imagined it, right on par with my netbook, which means I might have to borrow its sleeve until my iPad case arrives.

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MattyMattMatt says goodbye Gawker and fuck the new layout

So it costs more than a standard netbook, is the size of one and has none of the useful features.

Yay Apple.