It's a rule of thumb: Let people create things, and you're definitely going to see dick drawings. You might even see Nazi doodles, too. But Battlefield 4 is fighting that.

Like Call of Duty before it, Battlefield 4 gives players an emblem creation tool. And like Call of Duty before it, BF4 also has a feature that will allow players to report images they find unsavory.


The game is currently in beta, but there are already Nazi emblems popping up in the game (see above). Yes, that's rather icky! However, not everyone is using the emblem tool to create unsettling flags for their helicopters, vehicles, and clans.

As documented on Reddit's BF4 page and its BF4 emblems page, beta players are creating their country's flags, pop culture images, and more. It's much nicer to see people using the emblem tool to create stuff like this.

Racist Emblems Already Appear in Battlefield 4 [BF4 Central Thanks, James!]

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