How About Silent Hill with a Shirtless Man?

Shot in an abandoned Japanese mining town, Silent Hill: Stolen Heart is an homage to the Konami horror series.

The fan film was filmed in an old hospital. According to Stolen Heart's director Paul Leeming, the real town where the film was shot was apparently deserted in 1974—that's the same year Silent Hill was supposedly abandoned after the fires.

Lemming told Kotaku, "We also shot in an abandoned mining town that I'm sure was a strong inspiration to the original game developers, in what used to be the hospital, so the eerieness factor was through the roof."


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I could never get these Silent Hill stories. The movie's story was pretty good though... but the whole evil little girl thing is done to death. Pun intended.

Not sure what to say about this though, needs those pryramid guys, higher resolution, and more darkness.