To make ends meet, Howard began working as a webcam model and an exotic dancer. "I had no-where else to go to find employment so I worked my job as a web cam model at," she says, "and then went to become a dancer after the web cam modeling business became saturated from so many girls seeking alternatives to find employment."


Howard says if she had known at the time about schools like San Francisco Art Center or the Pasadena College of Art and Design. If she had known, she might have gotten a different degree. And with that degree, who knows, she might have ended up in the industry.

The entire experience has left Howard with no desire to work in the gaming industry. She doesn't know how long she'll keep stripping, but she is interested in saving and going back to school. However, it's not 3D modeling that she wants to study. It's business.


For more information on how for-profit universities work, see Frontline's documentary College, Inc.

Kotaku is following up with the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.