Those big trophies that the winners of League of Legends tournaments get don’t just appear out of thin air. Someone has to design and build them, and in this case, that someone was cosplay/props legend Harrison Krix, of Volpin Props.

Going off some sketches made by his friend Tom, Krix had four weeks to build nine trophies for League of Legends’ North American Collegiate Championship late last year. By the time they had the design finalised, he was down to 21 days.

Asked to build one giant winner’s trophy and eight smaller awards, Krix built them out of styrene, acrylic, sintra (a type of PVC board), MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and a big block of urethane.

The trophies were made using a variety of techniques, using everything from delicate hand-carving to laser-engraving.

The end results? Fantastic.

You can read/see more on Krix’s build for the job over on his blog.